9/11-Nine Years Later!

January 21st, 2011


Nine Years Later!

I was sleeping in the guest room. Can’t remember why. Perhaps my good and sensible wife put me out. Perhaps she wasn’t feeling well and needed unhindered rest. But there I was in the guest room sleeping and listening intermittently to early morning radio…probably KGO, KSFO or some such local Bay Area station when my semi conscious repose was halted. My curiosity piqued. And…I was up to the living room for the TV. There it was on most of the stations, one of the twin towers smouldering like a giant with a black eye.

It was a beautiful September morning…you know, sunny but with a hint of chill in the air and the sunlight is soft making all colors muted and dreamy. The various channels commented a small plane had accidentally run into the World Trade Center. I flipped the channels and no one seemed unusually disturbed. Just a freaky accident. And…the news-media was preparing for the extended, blow by blow  programming. So, there  I sat with my coffee and my two beautiful hounds beside me. Yep, they were still alive then and I would run them later that day  for our usual ten miler to the University of Santa Clara and back. Now they were quietly sleeping, one on the couch and the other in front of the fireplace…all was peaceful and normal. Ah! My two dalmatians, what wonderful athletes they were. Strong, sleek and muscular. We would all run with nary a care in the world. Now they’re gone and my arthritic knee makes running impossible. ‘Do it while you can as life and all within is fleeting’, a little voice has always whispered in my ear. And…for this an many other things I’m glad I listened.

The second jet came into view and sliced through the awaiting tower sending shock waves of reality throughout the nation. The stock market swooned and closed for the next week. And…there was serious doubt that it would be able to re-open. Airports were closed and all air travel was suspended for a week. America, the sleeping giant, wondered…who would do such a thing. The barbarity of the attack, however, provided a stage for the American character to show its steely resilience. Rudy Giuliani took command and showed his charismatic leadership and mettle. Prince All Weed sent a ten million dollar check but Rudy in his best ‘no nonsense’ style sent it back with a ‘thank you…but no thank you’. Rudy was everywhere. Dynamic, sure handed and firm. He inspired America…a shaken America. The rest of us on main street wanted to join the solidarity against our aggressors. We bought flags to fly in front of our houses. Flags were sold on street corners and soon the supply ran out. One of my friends called and asked who would do such a thing?  A week later the dapper Dick Grasso with his waxed bald head stood proudly at the helm of the NYSE as the opening bell rang. The stock market along with the real estate marked swooned for the next couple of years. Airline companies resumed their schedules but the companies were financially maimed. The Palestinians were shown on TV ululating in joy at the destruction on America. And I…well, I was ignorant of most things in the Islamic world. I was also shocked at the paper thin veneer of portions of the American economy. The airlines had lost a week’s business and most desperately needed cash. That’s how tight they ran things. Wow, I thought, big companies relying on next week’s receipts to keep their business going.

Somewhere in the maelstrom of events and ensuing fragments of information a notion surfaces. It expressed in clear terms our tiring and failing efforts to deal with the middle east. Israel and the Palestinians forever at each other’s necks. The Arabs and OPEC scheming to find the optimal price to extract from the west…the pound of flesh without killing the host. There was a movement within Islam gaining strength and that movement was fundamentalism. The movement gained strength as the petro-dollars began to flow back in that region. To the uninformed American mind…the middle east was a perpetual mess with no seeming end. The camels, the backwardness, the poverty, the tribalism, the firebrand imams and tyrannical fatwas. Bomb explosions, occasional attacks on  American installations and western interests. It was an endless kaleidoscope of lethal events and the American public gave each its usual two week’s worth of attention.

But…9/11 changed all that. It was time to go into the middle east and put a stop to all this none-sense. If we put an end to one or two of these backward regimes and made them into a model country and economy…then all the rest would follow along. After all…people are people and when they see their neighbor driving cars and buying tv sets and imported foods and their children going to good schools and pizzas…. All would gladly change to the new model and there would be KFC and McDonald’s and shopping centers. This sort of thing sounded perfectly reasonable to me and as I recollect.. to a great portion of the American public.

I look back on this period and one word comes to mind. Ignorance!!! Ignorance of the local culture. Plain and simple! The Bush Administration relied on their ‘oily rug merchant’ Chalabi to show them the way. The rest of our politicians ‘voted for it, before they voted against it’. I don’t think that there was a ‘swinging Richard’ in the entire government who understood the grass root bent of Islam. And…the American people, well, you know… news clips here and there and reminiscences from school-mosque/minaret silhouettes and far sound of the muezzins. Oh yeah, perhaps some romanticised scenes from the Alhambra and El Andalus. I fell in that category. I was ignorant and take responsibility. Can’t blame anyone but yourself. Why?? Because you get the very government that you deserve.

It was November 2003 that I read the first of many books on Islam. I read many authors: Robert Spencer, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Brigitte Gabriel, Bat Ye’or, Ariana Fallaci, Andrew Bostom and many more. Certain things became obvious. The west’s notion of freedom is antithetical to the world of Islam. Democracy which recognizes that people have the power  to make and change laws is anathema to Islam which dictates that all must submit to Sharia Law, incontrovertible and immutable. So, if you all remember the first election in Iraq with all the locals waving their ink stained fingers in the air which we hailed as a great benchmark in history…not so! More like a quixotic event. The pundits overlooked the Iraqi constitution. Pass any law you want as long as it does  not contradict Sharia Law. Just like Henry Ford speaking about his Model T, “you can order any color as long as it’s black”. 

Then came the socialists and  ‘Islamic apologistas’. The Bush Administration through their hubris, obtuseness and omissions allowed the financial crisis to fester to cataclysmic proportions and thus ushering in the present administration. Without ‘W’ there would be no B.O.  Instead of blaming him for all ills,  Barack should send him a personal ‘thank you’ note.

 B. O. was going to present a gentler, kinder nation to the Islamic world. Is that a bow to the Saudi King, Abdullah?? Did he jerry rig the quotes to the Koran at the Cairo speech to make things fit? Is he getting a little too cozy with Ekmeleddin Inogoshu, the secretary of the OIC. You know the OIC? Sounds like oink but it’s no joke. This Islamic organization has hi-jacked the United Nations on  it’s drive to legitimize blasphemy and hate speech laws. And guess what their number one prize would be? The neutering of America’s first amendment. You know….if we can just be more civil to each other all ills will just go away. Perhaps we can revisit the first amendment, as one ignorant congressman spoke last week. You know…there are limits to freedom of speech! And the great triumvirate, Barack, Hillary and Janet set the stage all along. They scrubbed clean the language and discourse. All those lads with beards, and middle east names and violence towards America and the West and Allah Akbar, Well, they are isolated crazies. And when that does not work then they are part of or were seduced by Al Kaida. They may be ‘man caused disaster’ or ‘contingency operations’ or ‘extremists’ or ‘terrorists’…Yes Al Kaida is the only enemy. Just them. Completely isolated from Islam. The triumvirate continues to expand ‘extremists’ to include any and all acts of violence to include the Arizona shooting. Why Hillary from the Middle East spoke…’we have extremists, too.’ Just like in Orwell’s 1984…cosmeticize, cleanse and control the language and you control thought. No, Barack! No, Hillary! No, Janet! It’s not just Al Kaida; it’s not just extremists’; they are not isolated acts of terror. It’s Islamic Fundamentalism with their marching orders in the texts of Islam. The same Islam that was repulsed at Tours in 732 by Charles Martel. The same Islam that knocked at the gates of Vienna in 1529 and again in 1683. It’s a world wide movement whose goal is to dominate the world. It’s Jihad. Sharia Law Uber Allis! That’s the uncosmeticized truth. And until America comes to grip with that…we will continue in decline heading towards ‘mamby pamby land’.

Here we are, nine years later. One of the fears along the way…’we do not want another Vietnam’! Well we do not have another Vietnam. We have TWO Vietnams. Yep, two of them. We are not going forward. And…we can’t leave for our honor and pride is at stake. We lost too many boys to just pull up stakes and leave. There we are…mired and stuck. And other Islamic nations are getting bolder cuz they sense the giant getting weaker. And history continues on its cyclical course…each cycle is driven by new lemmings.

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