April 9th, 2016


SONY DSC( I wrote this sometime before the election of 2004 between George W. Bush and John Kerry. Then….I happened to stow it in a memory stick and forgot about it for twelve. Last night I happened to find it again and after reading I was struck as to how all elections are the same and how our feelings to those elections are the same. We just forget. And…..I may add…..politicians bank on the fact that people forget. )

Rhetoric, bitterness and demagoguery abound during the course of presidential campaigns. However, I don’t remember the level of intensity as exemplified during this campaign. Not only are the politicians nasty and playing fast and loose with the facts and events but the populace is reveling in the frenzy. The party hacks such as Lockhardt, Biden, Gore, Clinton(both of them), Sharpton, and Jackson with his Rainbow Coalition are voicing expected diatribes but what is amazing is the conduct of the print and video news media. The rot which is passed as news astounds me. The newsfolks who label themselves as liberal or conservative and express those points of view I respect. I may not agree with them but I respect their method and process. It’s honest.! What is worthy of contempt, though, are the rest of the news hacks who beat their breasts and profess their professional commitment to objectivity. All the while under cover of “the truth” and the sacrosanct duty that the “public must know” proceed to weave the news to promote their agenda. The name Dan Rather comes to mind. And all his stodgy and hoary compatriots who are circling the company wagons on behalf of CBS which now is doomed to the footsteps of Ozimandias. And rightly so, for nature always returns to reclaim remnants of empires whose pride has elevated them to too high levels. I look forward to the day when the Rathers, The Aaron Browns, The Forrest Sawyers and that “Howdy Doody” from Nightline are ceremoniously dismissed to sit under a palm tree on a beach chair to a kaleidoscope of pina coladas, delusions of grandeur and reminiscences of self delusion.

Then, of course, there are the democratic party’s standard bearers for the nation’s top posts. The tall skinny guy with the impeccable gray hair and chiseled face that perpetually squeezes a labored smile stands erect behind his podium with regal distinction. Every time I look at Senator Kerry a mental image appears. It’s Imperial Margarine. For those who like me are old enough to remember the family sitting around the dinner table as the father slices a pat of margarine to instantly have a large crown appear on his head. So, here is imperial John Kerry, married to Theresa Heinz, perhaps the woman with the largest bank account and certainly the woman with the largest disconnect from reality, professing to understand the plight of and be the candidate for the middle class. Why should we believe him? Well, because he has a plan! “The wrong war, the wrong place, at the wrong time”. Don’t worry about it, he has a plan. “He voted for it before he voted against it”. You mustn’t listen to those words because he was really tired. Healthcare—he has a plan! Iraq—he has a plan! Tort reform? He and John Edwards have a plan. John Edwards—the man who made a fortune suing companies in class action suits. Something about the “fox in a hen house”. All financial problems can be solved, according to John Kerry, because he has a plan—roll back the tax cut for the rich. That will take care of it, alright!

Many say that it’s difficult to know where Kerry stands on many issues. When queried Kerry retorts that the world is not the simplistic Manichean dichotomy according to Bush. The world is complex. Way too complex to express it in clear, concise terms. We must speak in nuances. Shades of meanings. Create spheres of influence. Deal in worlds of subtleties. Well, isn’t this very, very French. We should be concerned about the world not liking the good old U. S. of A. We must appeal to old Europe and get their support. John Kerry with his rhetoric of nuance and demagoguery of subtlety can bring the French, the Germans and Russians to our side. He will lead them to see the “way, the truth and the light”. Even if he was to “nuance” and “finesse’ his way to make some progress with these duplicitous European nations the question is at what price. The French, Germans and Ruskis don’t do much, if anything, for altruistic reasons. The French are down right corrupt. The only way Kerry could get the French to move our way would be to return to them “The Louisiana Purchase”. And I don’t think that this would qualify as a “nuance” or subtlety”.

Then there is the comical, bungling figure of Theresa Heinz Kerry. She would be a delightful first lady for the news media. With each turn of phrase there would be a new blundering headline. She would be the re-incarnation of Marie Antoinette and Leona Helmsly. You know, the people who brought you “let them eat cake” and “taxes are for the little people”. However, the sardonic streak in me would rather revel seeing her on the throne unleashing those absurd guffaws while her husband is busy equivocating through the world’s problems.

Perhaps, even with a Bush defeat, there is a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud!

“The Tuscan


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