May 19th, 2012

Heywood Hale Broun was a sportscaster. Howard Cosel was a sportscaster too! Jackie Gleason was an entertainer. Frank Sinatra, a saloon singer; Bingle, a crooner; Bob Hope,  a comedian. When you think of these folks, all gone now, there is a distinctive mental image which flashes in your mind. Howard for his colorful reporting and dynamic use of language. Frank, with his tux wooing a mellow love song in some smoky dark place. Bing and Bob, wonderful entertainers and their love affair with golf. But…you say, who the hell was Heywood Hale Broun. Well…He’s not a ‘fig newton’ of my imagination, I assure you. Heywood did big time horseracing evetns. The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and Belmont too. He wrote about horse-racing. He was an aficionado, a devotee’, a true sportsman. He would handle the horse race, the show, with class. His depth of knowledge about the racing game and the history of the sport became obvious as his dignified voice took you for a ride till the gates clanged open and the roar of the crowd drowned all.

Heywood had an eccentricity. He liked Madras jackets. You know, those plaid loud colors originating from India on cotton-like fabrics. They were rather popular when I was in college in the late sixties in both shorts and sports’ jackets. Well…that was Heywood’s trademark. Each appearance there he would proudly stand, unique in his colorful splendor. It looked right on him. It was his style.

Somewhere along the way the questions keep arising. Who am I? Why do I do the things I do? How come I like these things and not others? Why do I feel comfortable doing these things? You acquire material things…a house, money, a car, more money, clothes, jewelry. There is an inital high but it wears off. You achieve some success. That feels pretty good. But…that wears off too. You do something exceptional and are recognized by your peers. Yep! …that wears off too. And fades. So, life goes on and you answer those questions. Or…many people do. Some never get to that stage for one reason or another…drugs, alcohol or just failure to really look at themselves with honesty. Probably motivated by fear of what they’ll see!

One morning you wake up and say: ‘I am Luciano, a unique individual and I don’t have to do anything to achieve worth”. With that you accept yourself with all your faults and excellence. What others think is not so important. What others do or have is less important. Material things are just things. Less in the material world is more. You develop skills in various areas because they reinforce your independence. You develop interests in many things because they enrichen your life.  An individual with many and varied interests can travel by himself and never want for company or entertainment. Along all this process self respect develops. You do certain things because you deem them right. They fit with your style.

So, Jackie, the dapperly dressed fatman with ‘how sweet it is”.  And Frankie doing it his way. And Bob with his golf club and Bing with the Clambake at Pebble Beach and Howard with his iconic language and yes, my less recognized friend Heywood with his colorful jackets. All secure with the knowledge of their identidy and comfortable with it. Heralding to the world with iconic and personal symbols….I choose this because it is meaningful to me and represents my uniqueness in the world.

Some time ago I put the shoe picture  above on Facebook with the caption….’Unique, eccentric or just weird?

My daughter, Gina, replied….All the above and I love it!


The Cycling Tuscan

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