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Vita Sacra(in progress) Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Mark Haines died. He was sixty-five. I did not know him personally but his death caused me to focus on the finiteness of life. Mark was a newcaster on CNBC, the stock market channel. I grew to know him as a TV personality and over a period of time these personalities gain familiarity and in a strange way become part of the comfortable fabric about you. Mark was caustic, sometimes cranky. abrupt and curt with some folks and pretty smart to boot. He wore a star-spangled necktie on Fridays and was pretty much of a patriot. He was a good guy.

Mark was sixty-five and I jsut truned sixty-four. Hmmm! I saw him on Friday, his ususal self. On the following Tuesday he was gone. Wow! Life goes on. And Mark becomes a fading memory. Sometime and for someone there is no tomorrow. And…one never knows when that time is his. So….the best course of action is to ‘do it now’…don’t put off for another day. I’ve known all these things and have done wonderful things in my life and now as I look back am delighted that I took all opportunities. And on this note I decided to celebrate my good life and attitude of appreciation for all the good things in my life and the world about me by spending a day in the sunshine in places I love.