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Plumas 2010 Monday, October 18th, 2010

‘Tis our semiannual migration to the Sierras. By now it’s a must, a primal necessity. It’s all about friendship, the beauty of the Sierras and the mountain streams, broad grassy meadows, rustic architecture, the scent of pines and mountain flowers…ah! ehr! Oh yeah….golf, golf and more golf. At times it seems that we’re in a cathedral as the name of god is being invoked continuously as errant shots penetrate the formerly undisturbed ecosystems. But then we have a beer or two and  perhaps a ‘vokka’ or some such potion stowed in the recesses of the golf bag. And the dinners with our ‘one armed’ chef, Artie, who produces breakfasts, and dinners around our homey table. It’s lay back and family style. There is our home away from home, The Mohawk Tavern. Drunk or not….it doesn’t matter…the capricious floor gives you a whooz! Then there are the stories of our buddies no longer with us…but they’re always with us…Tommy and Bruce and Eddie Kimsey and others who were part of the history of this group begun in the 70’s. To enjoy our moment in the sun and friendship and happiness as life goes by.

Trip taken September 10 thru 14, 2010

The Group: Roy, Artie, Steve, Leonard, Greg, Luciano,

Rendezvous on Sunday at the Mohawk Tavern!

The Town!

Mohawk Valley!

Sulphur Springs at Clio. A stagecoach stop and hotel serving the route from Truckee to Quincy!

Middle fork of the Feather River in all its splendor!

The Dragon….a bit seedy these days!

Train museum at Portola!

Luciano was there, at the museum!

The kitchen crew preparing for dinner. Steve and the ‘one armed bandit’.

Greg and Leonard checking out the course!

Getting Ready!

Our Leader!

Artie getting the local scoop. Should I play this course right handed or left????

Mountain flowers at Grizzley!

Hmmm..Let’s see….limber up….go to the first tee…keep my head down….hit it 300 yards. I love this game!!

Hold on! I know that brandy is here somewhere.

What great balance! Good drive, Leonard.

See! 300 yards. I love this game.

Anybody see where that went!

Roy, don’t try this at home. It could hurt you!

Group Picture! Grizzley, Sept. 13, 2010

Group Picture. Grizzley, Sept. 13, 2010!

Fellas, it was a great time. Looking forward to our Reno trip in the spring already.

Luciano, Group Photographer & Scribe

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