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June 17th, 2009

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I ride bike for pleasure, health and mental soundness. I earn a living as a real estate broker and realtor. Dalmatian Realty of Silicon Valley is my small but powerful company. Should you be in the market it will behoove you to review the benefits of my company.


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For many years I was  a restauranteur. It was a wonderful stage in my life where I personally grew, faced challenges and saw peoples’ behaviour during phases of life-tragedy, joy, stress and success. Personally I also saw into the window of my own character: its strengths, its flaws, its tendencies. After years of observation this is the attitude I most admire:

“It matters not how straight the gate

How charged with punishment the scroll

I am the master of my fate

I am the captain of my soul.”

              Invictus, William Ernest Henley

In general the restaurant business gave me an insight as to how people wished themselves to be seen while the real estate business shows how people behave under stress. Combined, both render a snapshop of the workings of human nature. This, perhaps, has been the best formal education.

Common wisdom says that failure is the greatest teacher. Perhaps or perhaps not! I think that success plays an important role in the teaching process. It has been my experience that “at the pinnacle of success are sewn the seeds of failure”.  Success the second time around is perhaps the sweetest opiate.

In the world of business I have learned and often the hard way that the art of negotiation produces best results when one negotiates from a position of strength. If the high ground is not possible then walk away and negotiate another day.  In my real estate business it is my goal to position my clients in strength. And…always I take the Ronald Regan approach….’trust but verify”.

In the personal sphere we deal in honor. Our word or handshake is our bond. It’s a currency that was espoused by our parents, seemed square back then, but now is supreme. All other currencies pale by comparison!

My approach to the real estate business is one of a teacher. I give my clients the necessary infoLuciano and Friends!rmation with which to make informed and intelligent decisions. I utilize unbounded patience and kindness. I have built a loyal clientele over the last seventeen years. Every once in a while, however,  I encounter a person that uses and abuses my good nature. Those folks are set straight with my ‘ratzo rizzo’ method which in turn produces a better informed client for the next business provider.

Over time life assumes many expressions. Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it appears. Value is found from the journey of peak to trough and back again. Dr. Dean Edell favors ‘eat, drink and be merry’ as the road to a long and happy life. I favor this as well!

Vi augurio salute, fortuna e felicita.


‘The Cycling Tuscan’


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